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We'll help you find the best streaming services and devices — and the best internet service to use them with.

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Cord-Cutting Isn’t a Fad

It’s a lifestyle. Trust our reviews and buying guides to show you the best path to speedy internet, most secure experience, and unlimited entertainment. Whether you’re looking for an ultra-affordable setup or a bigger-than-cable entertainment bonanza, we have the advice you need to read before you subscribe to or buy anything. It’s time to free your TV, your devices, and your life.

What to Stream

Looking for what to stream and how to watch your favorite shows, sports, and live TV specials? We have everything you need when you're looking for the right stream.

How to Watch MSNBC Without Cable in 2023


How to Watch ‘Futurama’ Online

How To Watch Shark Week Without Cable

How to Watch ‘Stars on Mars’ Without Cable

Research and Analysis

The Research team explores streaming media in America and beyond by examining consumer behavior, tendencies, and trends in streaming media consumption. Through polling and research, we gain in-depth insights into the streaming space, which also informs our reviews and comparisons of every major streaming TV service, platform, and device.

Paying for Channels You Don't Watch


People are spending more than ever for channels they don't even watch. This study dives into just how much they are paying.

Streaming Subscription Mooching in 2022


Password sharing or streaming subscription mooching is on the rise. This research article explores that trend.

Employees and Streaming During Work


Streaming during work is becoming a norm for more than half of all employees. Does this trend include you?

VPN Usage and Watching Restricted Netflix


People are using VPNs to get around Netflix's location-restricted content. In fact, up to 51% of users worldwide engage in this practice.


Cord-cutting can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. From simple explainers to high-tech DIY projects, our how-to pages will help you customize and fine-tune the cord-cutting entertainment setup of your dreams. Oh, and we can help you find your favorite channels, too.

How to Extend Your Home Wi-Fi Network


We're here to talk about how to extend the range of Wi-Fi networks to ensure you have internet access throughout your home.

How to Watch TV Without Internet or Cable


TV antennas are still a thing. In fact, they’re better than ever. Modern indoor antennas offer HD channels for free.

How to Get Internet Without Cable


Old-school pay TV like cable isn't leaving quietly, but internet streaming services are showing it the door.

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