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Hockey fans don't want to miss out on the on-ice action when they cut the cord. Luckily, they don't have to. There are a ton of ways to watch NHL games without cable, and one of the best is the NHL's own streaming service: NHL.TV.

What is NHL.TV? It's a league-streaming service, much like the ones offered by Major League Baseball (MLB.TV) and the NBA (NBA League Pass). NHL.TV offers live out-of-market games from the NHL's thrilling regular season, and will let you watch these games on a variety of different devices. These include both streaming sticks and boxes for use with your TV, smartphones, and tablets for watching on the go. There's a lot to know about NHL.TV, so stick around: Here's our complete guide to NHL.TV, including information about how much it costs, what games you can watch, how to cancel service, and more.

What Games Can I Watch on NHL.TV?

NHL.TV is a service that lets you watch NHL hockey games online. So the natural question to ask is: Which games can you stream on NHL.TV?

Like most league-streaming services, NHL.TV offers streams of games that are not available through a typical cable or satellite package in your region. That generally means out-of-market regular-season games.

What games can you watch on NHL.TV?
Watching NHL hockey on NHL GameCenter Live (now called NHL.TV)

You can pretty quickly determine whether or not a game will be available to stream on NHL.TV by thinking about TV rights. If the game is on national TV — like Wednesday night NBC games, or all playoff games — then it's not going to be available on NHL.TV. If a game involves an NHL team that has TV rights in your market, then that game will air on a regional sports network (RSN) in your region, and will not be available on NHL.TV. (Some sports fans use proxy servers or VPNs to trick league-streaming services into thinking that they are elsewhere. This effectively makes all games that aren't nationally televised available to stream — but you should know that doing this is against the terms of service for services like NHL.TV, and could get you in trouble or, more likely, get your subscription canceled with no refund.)

NHL.TV offers live regular-season games that air in every market except for the one you're located in when you're streaming, but you can narrow down that selection in order to save a few bucks. NHL.TV allows subscribers to choose between a full subscription and a single-team subscription. A single-team subscription is exactly what it sounds like: It will let you watch a single team's live out-of-market regular-season games all season long, but won't give you access to all of the other out-of-market regular-season games in the way that a regular NHL.TV subscription would.

Looking to watch a team in your own market? NHL.TV won't work for that, but you have other options for watching NHL Hockey without cable.

What Devices Can I Use to Watch NHL.TV?

NHL.TV offers hockey fans lots of great hockey content. But it's not just the games that make NHL.TV great: It's how convenient it makes being a hockey fan. NHL.TV allows you to stream your live NHL games on all sorts of different devices, including computers, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, and streaming sticks and boxes that plug into TVs. Of course, you probably already have a particular platform, device, or brand of device that you'd like to stream NHL.TV on. So can you? What devices can you use with NHL.TV? Here are your answers, in the form of a comprehensive list:

Streaming platforms and devices

  • Apple TV
  • Chromecast
  • Fire TV
  • Roku

Video game consoles

  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One

Mobile devices

  • Android
  • iOS


  • In-browser app (Windows, Mac, and more)

How Much Does NHL.TV Cost?

NHL.TV offers you a whole lot of hockey, but that hockey doesn't come cheap: You'll pay $144.99 when you subscribe to a year of NHL.TV. Of course, if you break that down per game, it's actually a pretty good deal — it all depends on how much you use NHL.TV!

If you're not sure how much you'll use it, or you want more flexibility, or if you simply want to spread out your payments instead of forking over a lump sum, then you'll want to consider NHL.TV's monthly subscription option. If you subscribe to NHL.TV on a monthly basis, you'll pay $24.99 per month. That works out to be a bit more over the course of a season than the annual option, but you're paying for flexibility.

If you're interested in just one NHL team, you might want to check out the single-team option that NHL.TV offers. While this option limits the games you can watch to the out-of-market regular-season games of just one team, it will also save you some money relative to the more comprehensive full-league option. A single-team subscription to NHL.TV costs $115.99 per year. The monthly payment option is not available with a single-team package.

If none of those options look right, you can just wait for the price to drop as the season progresses. See the next section for more on that option.

Deals on NHL.TV

Want NHL.TV, but think the price is a little steep? We're here to help. We at are always looking for ways to save you money on streaming subscriptions, streaming devices, over-the-air antennas, and all the other cord cutting essentials. That includes NHL.TV!

NHL.TV deals pop-up throughout the NHL season. As more and more games are played, of course, fewer and fewer are left to be viewed on NHL.TV. That inspires the service to drop its price as the season goes on, so be sure to keep an eye on NHL.TV pricing as the months go by. If your team starts making a run for a playoff seed, you may want to pounce on that affordable NHL.TV subscription!

Getting a NHL.TV Free Trial

NHL.TV offers hockey fans a ton of great perks. Unfortunately, a free trial isn't one of them. If you want to check out NHL.TV without paying for a full year, your best option is to sign up for monthly billing and then cancel if you decide the service isn't for you.

NHL.TV guide
Let's watch some hockey!

NHL.TV Contracts

NHL.TV's traditional annual subscription isn't exactly a contract, at least not to subscribers, since you pay up front. But the annual subscription does require you to pay for a whole season's worth of NHL.TV, which is a bit less flexible than a month-to-month option.

Happily, commitment-phobic cord cutters have the monthly option to fall back on. If you cancel a month-to-month NHL.TV subscription, you won't make any more monthly payments. You'll still get service until the end of your current billing period, though. (In other words, you'll get the rest of whatever month you most recently paid for, and your cancellation will be complete at the end of that month, or “billing period.”)

The annual option is technically canceled in the same way — in time for the next payment period. However, since the next payment period is before the start of next year's season, that effectively means you're locked in for the year (of course, since you paid up front, at least you won't have any further payments to make).

There is one way to get a refund on NHL.TV, but you have to cancel fast. If you end your subscription within five days of signing up, you'll get your money back. This five-day refund window also applies to annual (but not monthly) automatic renewals.

How to Cancel NHL.TV

If you’re tired of watching your team lose in a shootout every other game, then it may be time to part ways with NHL.TV. Here's how to cancel it.

First, head to NHL.TV's website and log in. Head to “Account Settings.” You'll find the “Cancel” button there. Click it and follow a brief process to end your subscription.

As we mentioned in our section on NHL.TV contracts, your cancellation will take effect at the end of your next billing period. If you're on a month-to-month subscription, that just means you'll have service through the end of the month — cancellation can be near-instant if you pick the right day to call things off, and you'll never pay for another month again, no matter what day of the month you cancel. With an annual subscription, however, things aren't as flexible. You can cancel to ensure that your subscription won't renew next season, but you won't get any portion of your money back for the current season, even if there's a lot of it left. We already mentioned the one exception in the previous section: If you cancel within five days of buying (or, in the case of annual subscribers only, renewing) your subscription, you'll get your refund.

All About NHL.TV

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