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Hulu has been a favorite of streamers and cord-cutters for well over a decade now, and the service shows no signs of relinquishing that status. looks like that will continue. Hulu’s on-demand catalog is full of great licensed content and original shows, and the service’s Hulu + Live TV bundle combines all of that great on-demand content with one of our favorite cable replacements. On top of all that, Hulu can be really affordable — especially if you opt for one of these great Hulu deals.

Our experts searched the web for Hulu’s best deals, and we put them all in this easy-to-read guide. So if you want to watch the latest episodes of series like The Handmaid’s Tale” — or loads of other hit TV shows and blockbuster movies — then Hulu is definitely the streaming service for you. But before we dig into the best Hulu deals, let’s find out how much Hulu costs normally.

How Much Does Hulu Cost?

Hulu is known for being a budget-friendly streaming service. Plans start at just $6.99 per month for ad-based streaming. If you want to skip the commercials, you’ll have to fork over $12.99 per month, which is still relatively affordable.

Hulu also offers Hulu + Live TV. This premium service gives you all the TV shows and movies you’ve come to expect, plus breaking news, live sports, and popular primetime television for $64.99 (ad supported) or $70.99 (ad free) per month. The ad-free version removes the ads from the on-demand content only, not the commercial breaks from live TV.

What Are the Best Hulu Deals?

Hulu is easy on the pocketbook, but it can get even cheaper when you throw deals and discounts in the mix. The following deals will help you save money on your Hulu subscription:

  • Hulu 30-day free trial. Hulu offers an impressive 30-day free trial for its on-demand plans. This allows you to test out Hulu for a full month without spending a dime.
  • Hulu + Live TV 7-day free trial. If you want a free trial of Hulu + Live TV, that’s available, too. Seven days may not seem like much, but that translates to at least $15 off your first month of service.
  • Hulu annual plan discount. The Hulu annual plan gives you 12 months of their ad-supported, on-demand service for $69.99, which is less than $6 per month.
  • Bundle and save on Hulu with Disney (yes, Disney!). The Walt Disney Company owns not only Hulu, but also ESPN Plus and Disney Plus. These three services can be bundled and discounted to $13.99 per month for ad-supported Hulu, $19.99 per month for ad-free Hulu, or $72.99 per month for ad-supported Hulu + Live TV — all great cost-saving options for new customers.
  • Hulu student discounts. Students can get the ad-supported Hulu plan for $1.99 per month for as long as their student status remains verified. For $4.99 per month, students can get ad-supported Hulu with SHOWTIME and a Spotify Premium subscription.
  • As of now, Hulu does not offer a military or senior discount.

Are There Hulu Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals?

Much like Netflix and other popular streaming services, Hulu has offered Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals in the past. Of course, they will likely wait until after Thanksgiving to officially announce the hot deals and discounts. But if you’re willing to wait, the holiday season is a great time for cord-cutters to save on digital services like Hulu.

Keep an eye out for dollar-off discounts and percentage-off deals — especially on Cyber Monday, the biggest online shopping day of the year. We don’t know exactly what the deals will be, but chances are you’ll be in for a treat. Keep in mind that Hulu offers other deals throughout the year. So if you want to watch the best new television shows and movies sooner rather than later, then you shouldn’t wait for a Hulu deal that might not ever happen.

What Are the Hulu Discount Codes and Coupons?

Hulu is known to offer ongoing promo codes and discount codes throughout the year. These deals range in value, and they offer a great way for new customers to get started with Hulu. Sure, Hulu monthly subscription plans are pretty darn cheap to begin with, but we’ve never met anyone who would turn down a deal. So if you want the lowest price on Hulu, keep your eyes peeled for promo codes.

How to Stay Up to Date on Hulu Deals

Everyone knows that life can get pretty boring without a quality streaming service to entertain you. So if you want to stay updated on the best Hulu deals and discounts, then we recommend doing two simple things: Bookmark this page and check back often. We’ll update this page with our latest findings. And you’ll be the first to know when Hulu and Hulu + Live TV release new evergreen deals. Hot savings are yours for the taking; we’re putting all of Hulu’s ongoing deals in this convenient guide.

How to Save Money on Hulu Today

You don’t have to wait for a deal on Hulu. You can save money on your Hulu streaming subscription today. Simply review the bulleted list above, where we highlight the best ways to save on this popular service. The deals we outlined are good throughout the year, not just for a fleeting season. So if you’re a budget-conscious cord-cutter who’s looking to save money on internet streaming, Hulu might be worth a shot. Still undecided? Then you might want to check out our review of Hulu (on demand) and our review of Hulu + Live TV. We’re here to educate and equip you with everything you need to make a wise decision.